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COVID-19: resources for Non-Profits

This unprecedented situation of total lockdown in efforts to flatten the curve of the Coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on every aspect of life. Not only is our health under threat but also our livelihoods.

Non-profit organisations, like most businesses and individuals, are experiencing difficulties at a number of levels, including cash flow problems and very practical issues related to being unable to conduct the usual activities due to lockdown regulations or the risk of spreading the virus.  At the same time, there are many opportunities for organisations to serve their current and new beneficiaries.

Ziyo remains committed to sharing information with our non-profit clients and database that is both reliable and practical.  As we know that you are being bombarded with information, we will try to provide you with information short and relevant to the finances, taxation, governance, and financial systems of your non-profit organisation.

We will be sending out a series of newsletters on the resources and relief that may be available for NPO’s related to the pandemic.   We are also working closely with other trusted service providers to the sector and will share with you their insights too.

We are getting questions from clients and more information is released every day.  Please continue to send your questions to us and we will do our best to provide guidance or point you in the right direction.

Look out for regular newsletters on topics such as:

  • COVID 19:SCAM warning – DSD media statement 1 April
  • COVID 19: TAX relief measures:
    • partial deferral of PAYE and provisional tax payments,
    • temporary extension of additional ETI benefits
  • COVID 19:Support to employees- UIF and TERS (Temporary Employment Relief Systems)
  • COVID 19:Funding, funders and using reserves
  • COVID 19:Financial recordkeeping systems – cloud based systems & retaining evidence
  • COVID 19:Impact on costs – financial planning & budgets
  • COVID 19:Board and leadership essentials