Ziyo News: Newsletter August 2023

Remembering the true cost of employees is crucial for non-profit organisations as their most valuable resource is their people, who drive the services and objectives. As employee costs may be challenged by funders, it’s vital to fully reflect and support these costs in budgets, especially when considering new positions. Understanding “full cost recovery” is key […]

Ziyo News: Newsletter March 2023

At the end of 2022, we reported on likely updates to s18A receipt requirements. Well, they have now been finalised in the Government Gazette! If your organisation has approved section 18A status from SARS, this newsletter is to alert you to the fact that the following information must be included on a receipt issued in terms […]

Ziyo Year-End News

Office closure It’s the end of the year and we will be closing our offices both physical and virtual from Friday 16th December and re-opening Wednesday 4th January. We wish you all a relaxing holiday season. Likely updates to s18A requirements If your organisation has approved section 18A status from SARS, this newsletter is to alert you […]

Do We Care Enough About Cash Flow?

One of the biggest challenges for most non-profits is management of the organisation’s cash flow – if not managed well, it can become one of the main reasons for organisational failure. To make it worse, looming problems can escape our notice because we often look back at past performance more than we look ahead. That […]

Nonprofit Organisations Amendment Bill

We are hoping that many of you are already aware of the above Bill and that you have submitted your response to it. If not, this newsletter briefly updates you on the intentions of the Bill and the issues that are concerning the non-profit sector about the Bill, as comments must be submitted by no […]

Investment Of Reserves Policy

Having been committed, for more than 25 years, to assisting non-profit organisations in their quest to become more financially healthy and sustainable, Ziyo has previously stressed the importance of a reserves policy. Such a policy frames the strategic financial objective of building reserves which can both protect NPO’s from temporary cash flow crises and provide […]

Fixed assets of a non-profit entity – an accounting perspective

Fixed assets of a non-profit entity – an accounting perspective“PPE” stands for property, plant, and equipment (not, in this case, for the acronym of the pandemic for Personal Protective Equipment).  As we reflected on challenges that have arisen in preparing or reviewing annual financial statements of non-profit entities in recent months, we realised that the […]

Transitioning to cloud accounting

In 2019, we wrote about the rise in popularity and the advantages of cloud accounting, and now in 2020, due to the global pandemic increasing the need for remote working, cloud accounting has become the norm, and even essential. In our article last year, we considered the many advantages that the cloud-based accounting systems, such […]

Is spending money cheaper than getting something for free?

The lure of a freebie can be breathtakingly attractive when an organisation is struggling to find the necessary finance for its work. But is acceptance of donations of goods or services always the best way to go? This is the issue that today’s newsletter will address, based on some of the situations we have seen […]

Now is the time for good cash flow management and projections

Now is the time for good cash flow management and projections As is our habit, we have been thinking about current financial management issues for non-profit organisations.  We believe that cashflow planning and projection is going to be particularly critical for surviving the months ahead.  The pandemic is affecting different types of organisation in different […]